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TCS’s standard A/V and room set–up includes: classroom seating, wireless lapel microphone, LCD projector(s) and screen(s), and a laptop for your electronic slide presentation (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.). TCS uses a Lenovo laptop with Microsoft™ Office 2013®/Windows 10.
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TCS will review materials for accuracy and quality. Our speaker coordinator will contact you six to eight weeks before the conference to discuss your session and request your session outline for review with any updated be approval. Final electronic submission of materials is required no later than three weeks prior to the conference. Participants will have access only to electronic (PDF) versions of conference materials—manuscripts, supplemental materials, and/or electronic slide presentations will be available to participants via a private participant-only webpage three days prior to and 90 days following the program. Printed materials will not be available onsite so it is essential for you to submit your materials on time to allow participants time to prepare for the program.
Agreement Acceptance
Texas Cyber Summit provides the speaker with the necessary equipment to ensure their briefing, talk, training is conducted in a professional manner, The Texas Cyber Summit makes a significant investment in promoting the speaker and their briefing and sessions, TCS also provides the speaker with industry visibility, name recognition, socializing and engagement opportunities, as well as access to the entire summit, social events, challenges, competition, briefings and other trainings in lieu of compensation, speaker understands the investment that TCS is making and agrees to inform them immediately if they are unable to meet their obligation or attend, as we understand personal, private and work items take prescience - we only ask for a timely notice.
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