Texas Cyber Summit

Call for Papers



Three Rounds, Three Chances !

Round 1: CFP 1 - Opens February 2nd, 2019

Round 2: CFP 2 - Opens April 1st, 2019

Round 3: CFP 3 - Opens July 4th, 2019

 End for all CFP - August 30th, 2019


Call for Papers

NOTE:  This CFP will have three acceptance phases.   This way if you get your talk submitted early.  You wont have to wait until the end to be notified.  Also,  If you don’t make the first cut.  Your talk will still be in the running for the next two, and as a bonus if we like it but feel it needs something, we will help you.


“Texas Cyber Summit does not accept product or vendor related pitches.

“If your talk is a thinly-veiled advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not apply. There are plenty of "vendor" conferences that will accept that nonsense, please submit to one of those, don’t waste our time or yours.


*All presentations must be submitted by the original authors.

We currently only accept submissions by original authors of the presentations. PR firms, speaking relation firms, and all other parties who are not direct authors of submitted presentations ARE NOT ALLOWED to submit materials on behalf of speakers or presenters. 

We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions from the reviewers and to fulfill Speaker Obligations as detailed on the Call for Papers Terms and Conditions. 

How long should the talk be?

The following time slots are available and it is expected that the presenters will budget time for audience participation and Q&A within this time frame:

  • Normal presentations: 60 minutes

  • Short presentations: 30 minutes

  • Training presentation Class: 60 minutes to 120 minutes


Presentations will be reviewed through a voting process by the TCS CFP Review Board. Submissions are rated on a one to six scale by each of the reviewers in four areas, and the resulting scores are added up. Those submissions with the highest scores are considered first. The majority of finalized talks will be required to perform brief live video interview, via WEBEX prior to any final acceptance. In the case of topic overlap a lesser scoring submission may be selected to keep variety in the program. As the complexity and specialization of submissions grow more reviewers are added to the process. If your talk does not meet all four selection criteria listed below it will be automatically rejected.

  • Technical Depth

  • Technical Breath

  • Technical Accuracy

  • Vetted Research, Lab Details, proof of concept or exploit code details and live demonstrations.

People submitting a talk proposal will get email notification that the Texas Cyber Summit review team has received the proposal generally within 45 days of receipt of the submission. Once the review and selection process has been completed you will receive an email confirmation of acceptance or rejection.

All presentations must be vendor neutral (no sales pitches for services or products are permitted). All sources of information, software, etc. should be properly cited.

What kind of talks are we looking for? 

This year’s topics are the following.  Anything that fits into or are closely related to these categories will be considered.

  -  Cryptography  - Critical Infrastructure/ICS  -  Endpoint Security         - Women in Security
  -  Encryption        - Cyber Crime  -  GDPR & Complaince              - Network Security
  -  Cloud Security            - Wireless and Mobile Security  -  Blue Team Tools     -  IoT & Attack of the Drones
  -  Blue Team Defense       - Emerging Technologies  -  Threat Intelligence       - Malware and Reverse Eng.
  -  Red Team Tools      - Red Team Tactics  -  Incident Response/Forensics       - Identity Access Management
  -  Red Team Attacks     

Things that get our attention:

“Talks that are more technical or reveal new vulnerabilities are of more interest than a review of material covered many times before. We are striving to create a high-end technical conference and any talk that helps reach this goal will be given extra attention.

“Submissions with detailed bibliographies acknowledging prior work in the space, distinguishing or highlighting how your presentation is different. We believe this is important to help move the security community to a more professional and respected position. 

“Since security is a technical field, hands-on demonstrations that visually explain the theory assist greatly for the audience to grasp and learn the content. However, there are also times when the subject is more abstract and visual demos might not be best suited to explain the topic.”

Note: By speaking at Texas Cyber Summit you are granting us permission to distribute, disseminate, advertise, modify, market and show your presentation including but not limited to our website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, other media, printed and/or electronic ads, fliers, mailers, etc.

Logistics: The event takes place in San Antonio, Texas, starting October 10th to the 12th, please arrive early to the site. A special rate has been negotiated with the hotel, which you are welcome to take advantage of - however note TCS will not be paying for travel, hotel or expenses, you will receive a ticket to the event, ability to attend sessions when your not speaking, we provide some meals and entertainment, you will receive a Speaker Badge that allows special access as well as access to the event mixers.


Texas Cyber Summit