Executive Security Officer Round Table

Cybersecurity San Antonio

CyberSecurity San Antonio is partnering with the Texas Cyber Summit to host an action-oriented, executive-level round-table discussion.  The ESO Round-table will bring together Chief Security Officers, Chief Information Security Officers and Chief Technology Officers who will have an in-depth discussion on the development of a framework for sharing information security data and threat intelligence at a community level.  Cybersecurity San Antonio has been working closely with our municipal agencies in San Antonio to develop a municipal security operations strategy and this ESO Round-table will be the kick-off event to engage private sector executives and begin building the framework.

While the actual use-case of San Antonio is being leveraged in order to develop the model, the intent is to produce a framework that could be leveraged by any community to share cyber-related information among local businesses and other stakeholders.  Participants at the discussion will work to define the benefits of information security collaboration at the local level and will discuss methods for building a collaborative network and operational environment for efficient information sharing between the community’s municipal government organizations, academic research institutions, military and defense missions, and private sector companies.  

This framework would be utilized by communities to share threat intelligence and security notices specific to their region, providing more targeted information for businesses. This would also support national threat intelligence for larger organizations by creating more opportunities to spot anomalous activity.



Who: Calling all Cyber Security, IT and industry professionals, college students, Military and the cyber enthusiast community.

What: Cyber Security focused conference loaded with informational break out sessions, hands on training, Capture the Flag competitions, Hackers Haven,  world renowned speakers and cutting edge research papers.

When: Texas Cyber Summit - October 10-12th, 2019.

           Texas Cyber Training October 8th & 9th -  Check the Schedule it is updated daily, so check back often.

Where: San Antonio, Texas, USA - 600 E. Market St. - Grand Hyatt River Walk


Track 1 - Introduction

Track 2 - Intermediate

Track 3 - Advanced

Track 4 - Intermediate Hands on - 2hr

Track 5 - Advanced Hands on - 2hr

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