Frequently Asked Questions - CPEs

Military CPE

The Texas Cyber summit is Military authorized for providing proof of attendance, our enrollment, checkin and class attendance meet the requirements set forth by the Military Education Team.

Professional CPE

The Texas Cyber summit has worked with several organizations to ensure acceptance of the TCS briefings , talks and hands on training. Specific credits per program will be valued at 1:1 basis by all registered.

What does “CPE Services” entail?

Texas Cyber Summit issues a Certificate of Attendance with the name, date and times of the event that attendees can use to prove credits earned to their organization. If you need this certificate to state the specific amount of CPEs earned, please inform us and we will review accounting of your check’in to each briefing, training or event.

How many CPEs do I get for attending this summit?

Generally, you are eligible for (1) CPE per hour you attend the event, since we track your entrance into briefings we are able to provide near accurate accounting. We do not provide CPE for breaks and lunch.

How do I get this certificate?

As of 01/01/19 you must check in on the iPads at the event and register to receive a certificate. If we cannot prove your attendance, we are unable to issue a certificate. After the event, we will send the cert to the email address you registered under. If an audit request is made, we review all verified attended classes and provide only those in which we can confirm.

If you have any other questions, please contact our CPE liaison at