Texas Cyber Summit - Haven’s / Villages



  • 1. Hackers Haven: – This is CTF Central, where all the action is, Capture the flags from Beginner to highly advanced levels, Blue Team, Red Team and Purple team challenges and competition opportunities. Bring your crew or join a team.

  • Hackers Haven Tunes: This is where the music and beats are played all the time, all three days, DJ’s are welcome to submit for opportunities to spin tunes.

  • 2. Hackers Hangout: The haven’s Hacker hangout is a place to socialize, meet new and old friends, team up for the CTF, knowledge transfer

  • 3. Hackers Arsenal: Tool builders from around the world converge on Texas Cyber Summit to show off their Wares, tools, systems, applications, modules, capabilities. Here they demo, exhibit, code, recode, and interact with attendees.

  • 4. Hackers Lab: – Hardware hacking at its finest, from Arduino’s to Rasp Pie, to makers, bring your own kits or buy one and build it among coaches, experts and friends, here anything from badge hacking to toaster hacking goes. (no flame throwers please)

  • 5. Hackers Lair: – Immerse yourself in the “War of the Cyber Worlds” Themed area, photobooth, Bio-Hacking, IoT Hacking, WiFi Wireless Village and plenty of online games, lounge area, movies and much more

  • 6. Lockpicking - Learn from the best ! - The professionals, all training is in accordance with applicable State Laws. Check out some of the newest and craziest locks, start out small and increase your speed.

  • 7. ICS & Scada Haven: - Immerse yourself in the world of Industrial, wind, solar, refinery and building control systems, the ICS Village will have host a great deal of control system PLC’s, Compute, Controls, Systems and More. This is your chance to get hands on a multitude of Programmable Logic Controllers “PLC’s” and obtain access to several green energy areas such as wind and solar.

  • 8. Malware Haven - That’s right , learn how malware is written, how it works, and most importantly obtain the skills required to identify and stop it.



ICS & Scada Haven Area


Where industrial and building control systems come to life