You are walking to a store texting your friends that you are going to buy some new Louis Vuitton Trainer Sneaker Boots, little did you know a danger is lurking….

That’s right the internet is a seedy, wild-west, waste-land sort of place, with nefarious actors, nation states, and organized criminals all looking to benefit off a single mistake you make - connecting to a free open wifi connection, browsing the wrong website, throwing caution to the wind - Click’Click’Click

Personal information PII , credit cards, drivers license, Social Security, birth certificates, bank accounts - all for-sale on the internet. Where do you suppose they get that information ? A large majority is from mistakes we make as users make, browsing to the wrong website, clicking on the wrong email, filing out phony surveys and get rich quick schemes. Click’Click’Click’

The Texas Cyber Summit was organized and being run to help educate the masses, from introduction to cyber security, we call : Cyber0101, to the more Advanced and even Expert level training., you can learn to shore up your bad practices, and improve your Cyber Hygiene.

October 7th - 9th is Pre-Con Training Three Days of professional training provided by NSS/Not So Secure, the Same World-wide organization that provides training at Black Hat USA / Black Hat ASIA, /Black Hat UK and many other events. Now you can obtain this career path development, expert level training at a fraction of the cost of travel and hotel.

October 10th - 12th - The Texas Cyber Summit is three days of over 75 briefings and hands on training, including training for those that are Cyber Novices, to those that are Expert level defenders and operators. Training, Competitions, Challenges and a whole lot more, check out the program guide/program for all the events and details.

See you there - Three days of training, challenges and socializing for one low ticket price: Buy your Ticket Here

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