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San Antonio is celebrating its tricentennial, San Antonio is the oldest City in Texas, 300 years of amazing history starting long before the Alamo - Defenders at the Alamo were outnumbered but managed to put up a heck of a fight. The Spartans in their day were outnumbered and managed to put up a termendous fight. Depicted here is the futuristic Spartan and its Army fighting Malware, Virus, Trojans and hackers - Today’s Cybersecurity defenders are numbered as well, however through training, mentoring and conferences like the Texas Cyber Summit, today’s defenders stand a better chance for success.

The City silhouette in the back ground is the City of San Antonio, Texas - Towers of Americas and the Alamo Dome. Home to the Alamo, the City of San Antonio has a rich and diverse history with many epic battles and heroes.

San Antonio is home to multiple Air Force and Army bases along with a host of supporting services. San Antonio is home to the 24th & 25th Cyber Command Air force arm. As well as a host of other agencies and military support services.

San Antonio has the second largest Cybersecurity workforce in the United States, outside of Washington/Baltimore beltway. Making San Antonio the perfect environment for the Texas Cyber Summit.

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