The Texas Cyber Summit is a practitioner led, organized and operated, deeply technical training summit for current and future Cybersecurity defenders and operators. We believe through collaboration, socialization, competitions, challenges, briefings and hands-on training we can become a more well-rounded and inclusive industry.

The Texas Cyber Summit

October 10th – 12th , 2019

San Antonio Texas at the Grand Hyatt River Walk


Track 1 - Cyber 0101 – Introduction to Cybersecurity, explore the domains; red, purple, blue, Threats from nation states and from hackers. Safe computing, protecting your identity, PII Personally Identifiable information. Security Awareness for the beginner, introduction to Devops, DevSecOps, Snipit code programming to intermediate level training. Defending against attackers to testing your perimeter.

Track 2 – Tactical Mid-Level – Intermediate mid-level Cyber – Geared toward the daily defender, operator, consultant, these mid range talks with cyber experts provide highly technical next level briefings, programing secure code, Penetration testing, Defending and attacking the realm.

Track 3 – Advanced Uber Cyber – Advanced Cyber for the seasoned professional, deep dives, highly technical, developing exploits, reverse engineering, Exploiting Cyber, technical demos, how-to’s and follow along’s, all highly technical briefings.

Tack 4-6 – Expert Hardcore Level – Three of the most intense tracks, dedicated to the the Samurai , the hardened operator & defender, pushing the attendees capability to the edge, deeply technical, hands-on, most courses are 2-4hrs long, laptops required.

Track 7 – CIO/CISO/CSO – Governance, Risk Controls, Audit, Security Program management, IS Core Competencies, Strategic Planning, Financial and Vendor Management. Corporate Security, designing a Cybersecurity Awareness program for success.

Track 8 – CYBERSECURITY & BEE’ING New – Join a cast of industry experts that get you going from being new in the industry to your first time with Linux, Containers, Securing your systems, to operational and running in a few days. This is truly a guided track.

Career Summit – Two days of Resume Reviews, coaching, guidance, mock and real interviews, Talks geared towards making a better candidate and employee, and a large number of hiring companies helping attendees find careers.

Cleared Jobs - Recruiting event for general public - October 10th, 2019



  • Hackers Haven: – This is CTF Central, where all the action is, Capture the flags from Beginner to highly advanced levels, Blue Team, Red Team and Purple team challenges and competition opportunities. Bring your crew or join a team.

  • Hackers Haven Tunes: This is where the music and beats are played all the time, all three days, DJ’s are welcome to submit for opportunities to spin tunes.

  • Hackers Hangout: The haven’s Hacker hangout is a place to socialize, meet new and old friends, team up for the CTF, knowledge transfer

  • Hackers Armory: Tool builders from around the world converge on Texas Cyber Summit to show off their Wares, tools, systems, applications, modules, capabilities. Here they demo, exhibit, code, re-code, and interact with attendees.

  • Hackers Lab: – Hardware hacking at its finest, from Arduino’s to Rasp Pie, to makers, bring your own kits or buy one and build it among coaches, experts and friends, here anything from badge hacking to toaster hacking goes. (no flame throwers please)

  • Hackers Lair: – Immerse yourself in the “War of the Cyber Worlds” Themed area, Lockpicking, photobooth, Bio-Hacking, image hacking , WiFi Wireless Village and Wireless CTF, plenty of online games, lounge area, silent movies, popcorn and much more

  • ICS/Scada Haven: The ICS SCADA Village, Hosting Industrial and building control systems, Critical infrastructure systems, PLC’s and more, get your hands on and play with these systems and learn what makes them tick from professionals.

  • Malware Haven: Hands on reverse engineering Malware, Create Malware, the entire Eco-system and why hackers utilize malware to maintain a persistent connection. Get hands-on how to detect, detour, defeat and foil hackers attempts to obtain your data.


Expansive Expo & Business Hall:

  • Spacious area for sponsors to be able to display their systems, software, services and solutions.

  • Highly visible area that all attendees must pass through, Keynote, Tracks, Hackers Lair.

  • Visit comfortably with prospect customers in a relaxing and hassle free environment

  • Get that one on one time, with out another vendor being right on top of you, leg and arm room.

  • Breakfast, Breaks and Socials are served here to encourage vendor interaction


Vendor Area:

  • Here - you can purchase books, hardware, tools, gizmos and widgets

  • Find - event T-Shirts and event collectables

  • Vendors - have ample space to show off their merchandise.

Professional Development - Texas Cyber Training:

  • Professional Development Courses, Pre-Conference

  • Texas Cyber Summit Partnered with Claranet/Not So Secure

  • October 7th, 8th & 9th  Separate Training

  • Professional classes include ticket to the Summit

  • Six Different Training Classes from Intro to Expert Level

  • Register and pay online here: Texas Cyber Summit / Training


Track 1 - Cyber0101

Track 1 - Cyber0101 was a great hit last year, so we continue on with this tradition of educating the masses on good Cyber hygiene. This track is targeted at the Cyber Novice, those needing to brush up on best practices, learning to protect yourself where you live, work and play. This track is designed to allow those new to Cyber to to feel at home, and those somewhat familiar with Cyber a comfortable place to launch into their next level of training. You may want to bring your laptop to make the most if this track.

In this room we will cover: Intro’s to:

  • Blue Team - Defenders of the Realm, anticipating the attack

  • Red Team - Tips, tools and tactics in attack scenarios

  • Purple Team - Blended learning in adversary and defender rolls


Track 2 - Intermediate

This track is for the mid-level Cybersecurity, hardware and DevSecOps practitioner. Get your defense & offensive game on.. Intermediate level briefings recommend the attendee have at least three to five years experience and have some experience in performing penetration testing and level 2 attacks.

We expect you will walk away with a new concept, idea, skill or process. The Advanced Cybersecurity professional knows you get out of it, what you put into it. *Laptop Required with the latest version of Kali Linux (tm)

In this track we will cover: Mid-Level Experience:

  • Blue Team - Defenders of the Realm, active defense and Reverse engineering

  • Red Team - Tips, tools and tactics, implants, C2, Exfiltrate data, Espionage

  • Purple Team - Blended learning in adversary and defender rolls, see both sides.


Track 3 - Advanced Cyber

For the experienced Cyber defender and operator - The breaking, bleeding edge research, tools, tips and tactics from industry experts. This track is not for the faint at heart, we recommended you have at least 5 years experience to make this track an engageable and challenging learning experience. *Laptop required.

In this track we will cover: Advanced and Sr. Level Topics:

  • Blue Team - Defenders of the Realm, Forensic investigations, reverse engineering, IPS/IDS,

  • Red Team - Tips, tools and tactics, writing exploits, backdoors, hunting for bugs, helping your blues

  • Purple Team - Blended learning in adversary

EXPERT LEVEL - JEDI TRAINING: Track 4 - Track 5 - Track 6


Security Expert Level Training Sessions: Three Expert Level tracks are offered, they are in the 2hr - 4hr format. These are for the seasoned security professional looking to get more expert level training, more hands-on, labs, coding, python, scripting, popping shells, exploit development, *Your own laptop is required with required tools set - emailed to you after signup.

These 3 tracks - classes are two to four hours in length and require a separate signup, they are part of the summit briefings *No additional fee - However, Seating is a first-come first-serve, you must stay for the entire class.

Signup via the Texas Cyber Summit mobile scheduling application.

Expert Level classes will be announced and released for signup on July 4th, 2019 at 12:00am.

*Laptop note: We are not responsible for your laptop hardware or software, you use your device at your own discretion. If you are unsure of how to protect yourself online make sure you leave your laptop off.




Obtain a fresh Industry perspective


Texas Cyber Summit CSO Track is by invitation only to heads of information security from the world’s largest organizations. The track dives deep into critical issues encountered by CISOs who lead large, teams, operate in complex business environments, and make decisions that carry significant implications to their companies, industries and profession. The agenda has been carefully crafted by our Governing Body, active CISOs of global organizations, to deliver the most timely and relevant information in a true peer-to-peer environment. 

Why you should participate: 

Authentic: Our unique expert speakers for CISOs promise ensures the agenda only covers issues critically important to you. Candid closed-door boardroom discussions and practitioner-led sessions provide unvarnished perspectives that equip you to act with confidence and speed.

Perspective: The summit brings CEOs and fellow C-level leaders to the conversation. Together, we will discuss how to collaborate most effectively and elevate the business impact of information security. 

Community: Benefit from the guidance and support of peers who understand your challenges, are committed to your success, and share your passion for progressing the function.

Personal Development: Enhance your effectiveness and well being through an array of enriching experiences led by world-class wellness and professional development experts. 



The legendary “Hackers Haven” is back, with even more space, more events, more challenges.

More opportunities for the tinker, tailor, spy, researcher, experiments, mayhem and fun. Engage with attendees as you display your project/research and train attendee’s, its all about educating, knowledge transfer for current and future Cyber Defenders.

This is where real hackers hang out and share knowledge, develop exploits, test tools and push tech to its limits. They also teach attendees new tricks and tool usage.

Several CTF Challenges will be in the Hackers Haven this year, so stop in and participate, find old friends, collaborate, participate, engage, setup a Team and get into the challenges and win prizes.

Hackers Haven Call for Projects, Challenges and events opens 2.2.19 so get your event submitted now, the earlier you provide your concept/ideas/event the better chance for selection, points given for creativity and outside the box thinking.

This Year we will host Eight Villages (Havens) Check out the newest !

The Texas Cyber Hackers Labs -

Private individuals have the ability to show off their systems, hardware and device hacking skills, each is provided with a small space and an opportunity to present their program, project, concept, hack every few hours. At their hacker space “table” they can work directly with attendees and go even deeper into their project.

The Texas Cyber Hackers Armory -

Private individuals & developers have the ability to show off their applications, code, programing and hardware skills, each is provided with a small space and an opportunity to present their program, project, concept, hack every few hours. At their hacker space “table:” they can work directly with attendees and go even deeper into their project.

Stay Tuned for more details and sponsor involvement.


To get involved in any of these areas, visit the Volunteers page.