Pre-Conference Paid Training


1. Mobile Security Toolkit - Ethical Hacking Workshop - Storm Mobile Security toolkit. October 10-11th 2018  by EC-Council - The Storm Mobile Security Toolkit is a fully-loaded pen test platform which comes equipped with a customized distro of Kali loaded touchscreen device.

2.  Moocher-Hunter™ Proper MoocherHunting - Oct 10-11th MoocherHunter™ is a solo-operated wireless tracking software tool for the real-time on-the-fly geo-location of wireless moochers, hackers and/or anyone who is using an 802.11-based wireless network for objectionable purposes (e.g. hacker activity, illegal file downloading, illegal music/video sharing, etc). By Think Secure


3. Offensive Security - Kali Linux Dojo



4. IC/SCADA Security Breaking & Securing Critical Infrastructure