Paid Conference Training

Delivery: October 10th and 11th

Please note: This training is separate and apart from the TCS Summit, and is paid directly to the companies. Texas Cyber Summit is not responsible for the delivery of these classes, all training is provided by their respective companies as outlined below. Each company have a minimum number of registered/paid attendee’s to ensure actual running the class, if not enough people enroll the class could be cancelled by the company - Please plan accordingly, and help spread the word !

**Texas Cyber Summit event Ticket included in these class pricing.


STORM Mobile Workshop - EC-Council

October 10th -11th ~ The Mobile Security Toolkit - Ethical Hacking Workshop. The Storm Mobile Security toolkit device is included. The Storm Mobile Security Toolkit is a fully-loaded pen test platform which comes equipped with a customized distro of Kali loaded touchscreen device. Get your hands on the latest wireless auditing, pen-testing tools, methods and training.

Practical Reverse Engineering - Cyber Defenses

October 10 - 11th ~ A two-day | two-part, scenario-based class. The scenario starts with you being hired as a first responder, you will be given the case details and necessary files recovered from the device. In the first day, students are guided as they investigate, organize, validate, and report on the information.

In the second day, students take on the role of a senior analyst and perform full binary analysis on executable samples to uncover attacker details as well as capabilities. Bring your own laptop



Achieving Security Awareness Through Social Engineering Attacks - SphereNY

October 10th-11th ~ Social Engineering Attacks teaches students the basics of performing the first few stages of a social engineering (SE) attack: Performing reconnaissance via OSINT; Enumeration and exploitation of SE targets; and Gaining access via SE and hardware tools. You will learn how to gather valuable information used to create and execute highly targeted SE attacks, and gain a better understanding of human, physical, and technical attack vectors. Bring your own laptop. Training conducted by Jayson E. Street & April Wright


Mandiant Windows Enterprise Incident Response

October 10th & 11th ~ In order to effectively defend data and intellectual property, organizations must have the ability to rapidly detect and respond to threats. This intensive two-day course is designed to teach the fundamental investigative techniques needed to respond to today's threat. The class is built upon a series of hands-on labs that highlight the phases of a targeted attack, key sources of evidence, and the forensic analysis know-how required to analyze them. This class will primarily focus on analyzing Windows-based systems and servers; however, the techniques and investigative processes are applicable to all systems and applications.Students will learn how to conduct rapid triage on a system to determine if it is compromised, uncover evidence of initial attack vectors, recognize persistence mechanisms, investigate an incident throughout the enterprise, and much more....


Black Ops Hacking - Master Level

Oct 10th-11th ~ Want to gain hands-on experience with tools and techniques from the criminal underground? Black Ops Hacking - Master Level, exposes students to some of the best capabilities from both penetration testers and the Russian underground, guiding students through the complete compromise of a corporate network. Topics include OSINT, phishing, malware, tunneling, lateral movement and ransom-ware deployment. Bring your own laptop, we will provide access to online labs and all training materials. Training conducted by SensePost, a legendary company with a record for providing excellent training. Conducting training at Black Hat USA.

**If you register for a class that is cancelled you will receive a discount on the TCS event ticket. The price will be $199. will be required to be paid prior to the event date.