Wireless Capture The Flag



Get your RF-ON or OFF as it maybe ! 

Registration opens: July 30th and is limited to the first 50 teams of 2

Capture: Flags, Banners, Bunting, expect some really intense challenges that push your cranial nerves to their edge.

We invite everyone to participate, from the novice to the expert - you will learn valuable skills, tool usage, techniques and device identification skills.


Legal Issues: Consult a lawyer if you have questions, we are not responsible for your actions. If it feels wrong, it probably is. Do not jam RF frequencies its against the law in most Countries.

WCTF Network: SSID: TCS-wCTF is the only network you are authorized to attack, this is a secure network, by your connecting/attaching to this network you are consenting to "What-ever" may happen to you while connected. We suggest you understand these risks before you begin.

Monitoring: We have a group monitoring all the wireless, RF and the spectrum so nefarious actions against any network that is not TCS-wCTF will be treated as hacking and you ejected and reported to law enforcement. Proceed with caution, Offensive and Defensive actions are fully in play and you agreed to them by connecting.

Tools: What will you need ? You will be asked to use tools like RTL-SDR, HackRF, BladeRF, 802.1A/B/G/N/AC cards, ap's many types of tools software and other hardware tools, everything else you use is left up to your imagination.

Flags: There are clues everywhere, in the air, at the TCS-wCTF help table. To score you need to submit flags, banners, and code words/pass phrases to gain access to wireless AP's, wireless networks, files on servers. All flags and banners are timed and change on a regular rotation so submit your "booty" as soon as its known.

DE.Brief: On Sunday Morning the TCS-wCTF Team will walk through all challenges, show you how to solve most of the challenges with a methodical and logical process, which tools work best and how to protect your personal and organizations wireless networks.


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